Q: How do we book you to shoot our wedding?

A: Well, the first step is to complete the contact form and check my availability for your wedding date. The more details you can tell me up front (location, budget, number of guests), the better! This will help determine if we're a good match. I'll respond with a detailed pricing guide by email within 48 hours.

Q: Can we meet in person before deciding if we want to hire you?

A: I am happy to schedule a 30-minute phone call or Facetime consultation before you decide to book me as your photographer. If you do decide to move forward with booking me, then I'll send a contract to make it official. The contract and a 50% deposit are due in order to officially save the date. Once planning is underway, then I do include one 1-hour in-person meeting or venue walk-through.

Q: Do you do engagement photo sessions?

A: Yes! I love engagement sessions. This gives us a chance to get to know each other a little better, for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, and to get an idea of what to expect on your wedding day. Engagement sessions are included in all packages that include 8 hours or more.

Q: What about video?

A: We love video, but we aren't trained videographers. What we do specialize in, though, are stop-motion films! It's like a video, but made up of a ton of still images. We'd love to do more of these, so definitely let us know if it's something you might be considering.

Q: Will you travel to shoot our wedding?

A: Yes, of course! Destination weddings are the best. 

Q: How many photographers do we need?

A: I always recommend a lead photographer and a second shooter for packages starting at 6 hours or more. It just helps the day move along more smoothly!

Q: What sort of shot list do we need to provide?

A: Honestly, the smaller the shot list, the better. Don't waste your time listing all of the details you'd like captured (the rings! the flowers! the cake!), but instead I'll ask you for a list of the most important group shots you'd like to have captured during formal photos. A timeline (usually finalized a few days before the wedding) is also a must-have, so I know when to anticipate those extra-magical moments.

Q: How are photos delivered? Do you edit them? How many do we get? How long will it take? Can we see some NOW?!

A: Whoa there! We know you're excited to see your photos. And trust me, we're excited to share! Here's the 411: High-resolution digital images are delivered through a password-protected website that you and your guests can access for up to a year following your wedding date. I recommend that you download them to your computer for safe keeping!

All photos are edited in a tasteful, timeless way that is consistent with the style of images featured throughout this site. The number of images delivered is dependent on each photo package; typically, you can expect about 50 images per hour of shooting. Since we do shoot more images than we end up delivering, you can guarantee that the ones we share with you are the best from the day: a cohesive collection of artful images that tell the story of your romance. We go through every.single.photo to ensure that it meets our technical and artistic standards. We do not typically share raw (unedited, straight-from-camera) photos. Retouching is done at the photographer's discretion; any requested retouching can be done at an additional charge.

Standard delivery time for the complete set of images is about 6 weeks, although you can expect to receive a sneak peek with a handful of our favorite shots within a week of your wedding day.

Still got questions? Send us a note